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LASIK For Mother’s Day

April 25, 2017

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th this year, and you’d do well not to forget that date. The woman who brought you into this world is expecting, like, one day of gratitude, and missing it is a bad idea. Terrible, really. But what to get her for Mother’s Day? You could go with a card, flowers, chocolate, or something equally tame, but haven’t you done that already?

Instead, why not give her one of the most spectacular gifts possible—the gift of sight. No, we don’t mean to imply that your mother is blind, although she does call you handsome a lot… Seriously though, we just mean that if your mom has been relying on glasses or contacts to obtain 20/20 vision, maybe this is the year that you get her LASIK, and give her the gift of clear, perfect vision.

LASIK eye surgery makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. For starters, it’s an incredible gift in the sense that your mom can ditch her reliance on glasses or contacts, and enjoy excellent vision in her later years.

But it’s also great because of the short amount of downtime needed to recover. Your mom will need someone to take her home from the appointment (and probably to the appointment, as well. C’mon), but she’ll only be out of action for a day or two.

Here’s an idea—why not schedule the surgery for the Friday before Mother’s Day? She’ll have her LASIK surgery on Friday and then her kids can take care of and pamper her all weekend. By the time Monday rolls around, not only has she had a relaxing weekend, but her vision will have improved tremendously. That sounds like a pretty good weekend to us.

Giving her the gift of LASIK isn’t just a one-time gift. It keeps on giving throughout the rest of her life. If your parents take a vacation, she’ll see the sights with the crystal-clear vision that you gave her for Mother’s Day. Whether it’s at work or at home cozied up with a good book, your gift will always be with her.

And if next Mother’s Day you just send a card, well, she’ll be able to read your note perfectly, without putting in her contacts first.

Remember, LASIK eye surgery can be used to help alleviate vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and blurred vision caused by astigmatism. Not everyone will be a good candidate for LASIK, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have their vision improved through other methods such as LASEK or PRK surgery. The only way to know for sure is to get an expert opinion from your eye surgeon.

So don’t just go with the old standby this year and give her flowers; instead, give her LASIK as a gift, and you’ll be giving her great vision that will last her the rest of her life. So give us a call today at OCLI, and we can get started helping you give your mother a wonderful gift this Mother’s Day.

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