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LASIK For Easter

April 13, 2017

There’s never a wrong time to start thinking about LASIK eye surgery for improving your vision, but with Easter on the way, you may want to actually make it happen this year. Why? How else are you going to spot those valuable Easter eggs during your family’s annual hunt?! You’ve missed out on the plastic eggs that Grandma puts five dollars in the past few years. Those eggs should be yours. And LASIK can help you beat out your cousins and crown ayourself Easter champion once again.

Don’t worry if you think you need a massive time frame in which you have to clear your schedule for weeks. LASIK actually has a relatively short recovery period. And while it depends on the individual patient, many people will be back to their regular routine within a few days. Plenty of time to start strategizing about which hiding spots to check first while hunting down eggs.

And since Easter egg hunts aren’t a contact sport (at least in most families) you won’t have to stay out of the fray, as you normally would with contact sports for about a month after LASIK. You’ll also need to stay out of the pool, hot tub, or whirlpool for a few weeks, but hey, summer isn’t here just yet. This is actually the perfect time to get LASIK. Once the weather warms up, you’ll be ready to hop into the pool and cool off.

So it’s safe to say that LASIK surgery won’t keep you out of action for very long, but is it really going to be that much of a game changer—in both your Easter egg hunt and the rest of your life?

The short answer is yes. Many people are actually surprised by how much better their vision really is after LASIK, and the satisfaction rate for LASIK after three months is 95%. You’ll never have to worry about losing your glasses or contacts again, and you can focus on your favorite activities without making concessions because of the corrective lenses you have to use.  

The time you spend with your family and friends, like the Easter celebrations you love, are times that you want to treasure and remember for the rest of your life. Seeing every detail in perfect clarity seems like a much better option to us. And once you’ve experienced the change in vision that LASIK provides, we’re confident that you’ll agree.

You might be wondering if you’re actually a good candidate for LASIK at this point. After all, your cousin Tom said that LASIK only treats certain vision problems, and who knows if it’s even right for you? Well, Tom is right—in a way. LASIK can potentially correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. But LASIK isn’t the only option you have for correcting your vision. Depending on your eyes and your issues, you may be a better candidate for Epi-LASIK, LASEK, or even a refractive lens exchange.

The point is that you won’t know for sure until you talk with your eye doctor. So call today and we can schedule a consultation where you can find out the best laser eye surgery option for you.

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