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LASIK @ OCLI: Free LASIK Winner Steve Baldassari

May 18, 2009

I received a letter this past winter from a long time patient of OCLI named Steve Baldassari.  Steve is a former Parsippany police officer who has been forced to go on disability due to some health issues.  He stated that he had been interested in LASIK in the past and could not afford the surgery at this time, but more importantly was in need of some eye care to determine the cause of many of his symptoms.  After examining Steve, I informed him that he would be receiving free LASIK surgery if he was eligible for the LASIK surgery.

This all took place in December, around the holiday season.  It has taken 5 months to get to the bottom of Steve's eye problems, and he is now eligible to receive his free LASIK.

This video was filmed in December when I first informed Steve of my decision to treat him free of charge.

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