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Kristi Leskinen has LASIK at OCLI

June 1, 2009

Kristi Leskinen, one of the top freestyle skiers in the world, made the trip to New Jersey to have her LASIK surgery at OCLI today.

According to Kristi's blog:

Kristi Leskinen is one of the world’s top freeskiers, constantly
pushing the limits of the sport. As a headliner, Leskinen shoulders the
responsibility of bringing freeskiing – women’s freeskiing in
particular – out from under the shadow of more established action
sports to receive the respect and exposure it deserves.

At her first US Open, Leskinen was the only woman doing the Big Air
event and one of only a handful of participants in the women’s run on
the pipe. In 2004, little
more than five years later, the US Open hosted the largest women’s
superpipe contest in the world, with forty athletes vying for the

Savvy enough to realize that videos reach a larger audience than any
single competition, Kristi films all over the world. Each year she
pushes her skills and creativity further, with the goal of laying down
her best footage yet. The exposure Leskinen lends the sport in
top-selling ski videos and as a product spokesperson has played a big
role in creating a buzz around the sport of freeskiing.

Kristi's LASIK went perfectly today.  On this video, Kristi discusses her preoperative expectations of her upcoming LASIK surgery.

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