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KAMRA Inlay Now Available

August 18, 2016

There’s no avoiding presbyopia as we get older. This condition, more commonly known as farsightedness, occurs as we age and the eye’s lens begins to stiffen. This stiffening results in a loss of the eye’s ability to focus on things up close. That’s why you’ve most likely seen your grandparents or any older members of your family holding a newspaper far from their face. They were probably also mentioning something about needing their reading glasses.

Reading glasses used to be the only way to deal with presbyopia as people got older. But that example shows why they aren’t always a great option—you have to have them on you wherever you go if you want to read anything. No one is going to remember their reading glasses 100% of the time, especially for a condition that accompanies aging.

But now you may not have to remember to bring those reading glasses anymore. A new treatment, called the KAMRA inlay, can give you the ability to see clearly even without your reading glasses. Here’s how it works.

The KAMRA inlay is a tiny ring that sits in the first few layers of the eye, known as the cornea. Because of the opening in the center of the ring, there is a pinhole effect that focuses incoming light and helps restore near vision—without disrupting your distance vision. You’ll actually only get a KAMRA inlay in one eye because you naturally have a less dominant eye for reading things up close. The KAMRA inlay will go in that eye, leaving your other eye untouched for distance vision.

One important fact about the KAMRA inlay is that it can be given to those who have previously had LASIK. While LASIK can correct many types of vision problems, it can’t stop the onset of presbyopia as the lenses in your eyes begin to stiffen. The treatment can also be used on patients that have had cataracts removed. The procedure typically takes about 20 minutes, and numbing eye drops provide a pain free experience. Most patients can return to work and their normal activities within one to two days.

One thing to remember about KAMRA is that it’s only available for people who don’t need glasses or contacts for clear distance vision. LASIK may be combined with the KAMRAto achieve good distnce and near vision. And it’s also important to understand that while it will greatly improve your near vision, it may not totally eliminate the need for reading glasses. You may find that you still need reading glasses in situations with dim light or very small print.

With the amount of handheld technology and reading that most adults want to enjoy, there’s a huge demand for a better alternative to reading glasses. The KAMRA inlay can give those who suffer from presbyopia their freedom from reading glasses. As life expectancy increases and older generations stay active for longer, there’s plenty of reasons to think about a permanent solution to your presbyopia.

So don’t wait. Dr Silverman is one of a few eye surgeons nationally who is certified with the Kamra inlay. Contact OCLI today to schedule a consultation and find out if the KAMRA inlay is right for you.



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