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Jill Kintner Talks About Her LASIK in Her Blog

November 24, 2008


Olympic BMX Bronze Metalist, Jill Kintner posted her LASIK experience last week in her blog.  The post is titled "The light show- 20-20".  Below is an excerpt:

"ANYWAY,,, Here is how it works….After not wearing contacts for about a month, you go in, run through a half a dozen computerized and other line reading tests. They scan everything, check the shape of your eye, thickness, RX, etc. Dilate your pupil, then reverse dilate, double check, triple check, Then program the laser. After your eyes are back to normal from being dialated, they give you a vallium to relax , then some numbing drops before the surgery. The surgery takes no time. Eyelids are clamped open, then they cut a flap in your lense, peel it over to get to the cornea, you go kinda dark for a bit and cant see, then a crazy light show, smell your burning cornea getting reshaped, then he peels the flap back over, you blink, and on to the next one, no pain at all. It happened so fast that I really was speechless afterwards trying to make sense of what just happened. This was the only surgery I have ever been awake for, cause you have to focus your eye, and it was crazy. Slept the rest of the evening, and was good to go the next day. Sweet. I am so glad I did this.

Seriously, worth every bit of the emotion and fear. So pumped. No more contacts, no more annoyingness. My brain is just happy to be seeing clearly.

Thanks to Dr. Silverman, who probably thought I was the biggest sissy ever, Keri, and Amy Stanton for lining this up for me!! Think I am as spruced up with surgeries as I would ever want to be. Wish my knee would heal this fast."

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