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I Lost a Bet: Go NY Rangers!

April 22, 2010

I am a big time NJ Devils fan.  My second favorite team?  Anyone who is playing the Rangers!

Jane Sholz is a big time Rangers fan.  She had LASIK last month.  On her 1st post op visit, after talking about how well she was seeing, the discussion turned to hockey.  The Devils and Rangers were playing that night.  We made a bet, if the Devils won, Jane would be pictured in a Devil Jersey and be posted on Facebook.  If the Rangers won, I would take a picture in a Devils Jersey and post it on Facebook and on my blog!

Jane came in today for her 1 month post op visit.  She was quite happy, she is seeing 20/20 AND the Rangers won that game 6-3.  So, here's the picture, I hope you enjoy it, Jane!

CMS Rangers 


Now for the really bad news, guess who my third favorite team is?  Anyone who is playing the Flyers!  I am definitely not liking the Stanley Cup Playoffs thus far!

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