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“I already thought I had won when I had LASIK!”

February 25, 2012

The winner of The most exciting sight after LASIK contest on our FaceBook Page, Anastasia Merken, stopped in this week to receive her iPad. Anastasia won with the following:

The very first thing I saw was a person- I saw Barbara (from OCLI) smiling at me and laughing with me as I struggled with my goggles! But the most exciting thing I saw after my LASIK was the grass outside the office. When I was a little girl, I always thought grass was a big green blob, because that was all I could see. When I got glasses, I was amazed that I could see every individual blade of grass and not just a blob. So after LASIK when I stepped outside and saw the grass… it brought back that feeling of pure joy that I experienced as a child; and realizing there was more to life than just blurry shapes. Knowing that I could see every tiny, beautiful detail around me and being free of my glasses/contacts was the best gift. Now I will never feel like I am missing out on the world around me, because I can see!

Upon receiving her new iPad, Anasthasia remarked, “I already thought I had won when I had LASIK!”  Now that’s a winning quote if I ever heard one!  Congratulations Anasthasia…

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