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How to Tell if You Have Chronic Dry Eyes – Or If It’s Just Temporary

March 8, 2016

Do you feel as though there is sand in your eye, but you haven’t been to the Jersey shore in ages? Are your contacts bothering you so much that you have stopped wearing them altogether–yet still haven’t found relief? Do your eyes just feel tired? You may be suffering from dry eyes.

Those who are feeling the pain of dry eyes may find their eyes tearing up. When your eyes are tearing due to your dry eyes, it’s kind of like a 911 call to the rest of your body to help. Unfortunately, those tears aren’t enough. They are missing some of the vital ingredients that your eyes naturally possess.

You are not alone. According to the National Eye Institute, this common condition affects almost five million people—and that is just in the US! But how do you know if your eyes are chronically affected or if it is only temporary?

Chronic or Temporary Dry Eyes: How Do You Know?

It helps to think about the frequency of your dry eyes. If you are feeling any of the conditions linked above, track how long your issue has been happening. Sometimes it’s easy to trace back to where you were when it happened. It could be simple, like spending too much time in a dry room or a lack of blinking that can cause your eyes to dry out.

Other times, there are underlying conditions that may cause the problem but that will fade in time. For example, if you’re pregnant, if you have allergies, if you are on certain medications, or if you have logged in many hours on your computer lately, you most likely have a temporary issue that will go away eventually.

But for others, it might appear as though there’s no easy relief.

How to Treat Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can happen to anyone. But, you don’t have to let it keep happening to you. If you suffer from chronic dry eyes, you have an option: the local Dry Eye Clinic conveniently located inside of our East Hanover Clinic.

You already know OCLI as the LASIK experts. Now, let us help you ditch the drops, or at least pair you with preservative-free drops, and make your painful dry eyes feel good again.

No matter if your dry eyes are temporary or chronic, at OCLI, we have the tools you need to feel like YOU again!

Our Dry Eyes Clinic

Did we mention that our treatment is effective and hassle-free? It begins with our technologically advanced treatment for dry eyes: the TearLab Osmolarity System or MiBoThermoflo. At OCLI, we don’t cover up the problem—we heal it.

Our pain-free process provides long-term relief. Contact OCLI today. Finally, your eyes can rest easy.

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