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Halloween Reminder: Non-Prescription Contacts Used in Costumes are Unsafe for Your Eyes

October 20, 2017

Before you know it, the season of superstition, black cats, and candy will be upon us. The kids will be out looking for a trick or a treat and the adults will be decorating their yards and coming up with creative ways to scare the neighbor kids.

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is putting together a costume. It seems like every year the costumes get more and more elaborate, whether it’s the makeup or the outfit. One area of embellishment that requires special attention is the eyes. Not only do you need to be careful what you’re putting around your eyes, but you also need to be especially careful what you are putting in your eyes.

There are a multitude of cosmetic contact lenses you can purchase online to go with your Halloween costume. It’s important that you don’t buy these types of lenses online and here’s why.

It’s Illegal

Contacts are medical devices and they aren’t intended to be sold over-the-counter. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates the sale of contacts lenses and the sale of contact lenses without a proper prescription is considered illegal.

You Can Ruin Your Vision

It may sound dramatic, but wearing contact lenses that don’t fit properly can absolutely ruin your vision! Contacts should be fitted properly by an eye doctor who measures your eye. Shopping for cosmetic contacts online will not guarantee a proper fit and many online or over-the-counter-retailers only carry one size.

A contact lens that doesn’t fit properly can cause:

Dr. Silverman was interviewed by CBS several years ago. He talks about the proper way to use cosmetic contacts with the fit, care, and cleaning of the contacts being extremely important.

The Fit

See your eye doctor to make sure you get contacts that fit properly. Most contacts sold online only come in one size and wearing contacts that don’t fit properly could result in any of the conditions mentioned above.

Your eye doctor will measure your eye to ensure the best fit. Measurements include the cornea, the pupil, and the iris as well as the curvature of the eye. It’s also important to have your eyes’ surfaces evaluated as well as the fit of the contact lens.

Care and Cleaning

To avoid complications from contact lenses, remember that contacts are a medical device, not a toy. It’s important to wash your hands before handling them and always clean them with proper solution before inserting them. It’s important to store the contacts in a proper case and solution as well. Never ever sleep with your contacts in.

If this all seems like too much hassle for a costume, you could opt for a cute costume with glasses this year! OCLI cares about you and your eye health. Keep your eyes safe this Halloween. Contact us today to learn more about the proper care and use of cosmetic contacts.

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