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Great Response to Our Vision Harvest Program

November 22, 2009

SInce Fox New York's coverage last week of our Vision Harvest program we have heard from many in need of cataract surgery.  These patients are without health insurance and have no means to pay for this vision restoring procedure.  Many of their stories are heart breaking.  I am so looking forward to November 25, when these patients will be undergoing their free cataract surgery.

Special thanks to Dr. Sapna Parikh, who covered this story on Fox.  I received and e-mail from Dr. Parikh today.  She forwarded me a message from one of the people we will be treating next week:

Topic: Dr. Sapna
Subject: vision harvest
Comments: I don't know how to thank you for providing me with the
information to restore my sight I was accepted today for free cataract
surgery.  I have been at my wits end for 2 years trying to figure out
how to afford this procedure. Dr. Silverman is a gift from GOD and you
are an angel for delivering his message. Thank you so much Dr.Sapna.

This message has been typical of the response from those we have seen this past week at OCLI.  It certainly leaves one with a warm feeling inside.  As they say, "It is better to give than to receive."  I couldn't agree more!

For those interested in participating in this year's Vision Harvest program, there are still spots available for free cataract surgery for those who qualify.  We will continue to be seeing patients Monday and Tuesday this week to determine eligibility for surgery on Wednesday.  Those interested should call:


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