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Google Glass Video Shows Cataract Surgery Through Dr. Silverman’s Eyes

March 12, 2014


Google Glass

OCLI’s Dr. Cary Silverman doesn’t shy away from new technology, so he was delighted to be selected as a Google Glass Explorer. He also enjoys sharing information, experiences and guidance with his patients and followers through social media. So Dr. Silverman set out to find a way to share his experience with Google Glass on OCLI’s social media sites.

Dr. Silverman came up with the idea to use Google Glass in the operating room so he could educate his fans and followers. It also provided a great opportunity to put his patient’s minds at ease.

“I wanted to show our fans and followers what it’s like in the operating room. Show them what I see and how quick and painless the procedure is. It was great to inform them about the state-of-the-art Femtosecond cataract surgery,” said Dr. Silverman. With video and Google Glass, “we were able to actually show them the procedure through my eyes.”

What Is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a computer with an optical head-mounted display that you wear like glasses. Essentially, Glass sees what you see, and it follows your voice instructions to take and share photos and videos. And since search engine giant Google developed Glass, you can also “Google” things via voice commands. Search results appear before your eyes.

As a Google Glass Explorer, Dr. Silverman was one of the first eye care professionals to own and use this new technology. He embraced the opportunity to use Glass as a tool to educate people about HD cataract surgical procedures and posted the video on OCLIs YouTube channel. With Glass, the video allows viewers to see what the doctor sees while performing a Femtosecond cataract surgery on a patient.

Dr. Silverman believes that Google Glass can provide the medical community and patients with a number of benefits. “It has some unique features that are really beneficial to medical professionals,” said Dr. Silverman. The video and photos it records “are really useful for the purpose of education. For me, Google Glass provides a way for someone to step into the shoes, or should I say eyes, of an ophthalmologist.”

More to Come

The OCLI team has been using video to educate viewers on a variety of eye procedures and share patient stories for a number of years now. You can be certain that Dr. Silverman will be among the first to educate fans, followers and patients as new technology evolves.

Patients are often amazed at how quick and painless eye procedures such as LASIK eye surgery or the Femtosecond cataract surgery can be. Now, through tools like Google Glass, they can see the entire process and watch how state-of-the-art technology works through the surgeon’s eyes.

To watch additional OCLI videos, visit our YouTube Channel. And if you would like to discuss the latest options in eye care, contact our East Hanover, NJ office for a confidential consultation at 973-560-1500.

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