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Nat’l Foster Care Month: Giving Back Is Easy, It’s In The Bag

May 8, 2009

Did you know that 496,000 American children and youth are in the foster care system? 


Each May, National Foster Care Month provides an opportunity to focus public attention on the plight and potential of children in foster care. The child welfare community is calling on every citizen to do something positive that will change a lifetime for a child or young adult in foster care — as foster parents, volunteers, mentors, employers or in other ways.

According to to the website Fosterclub.com, if nothing changes in the United States between now and the year 2020:

• Nearly 11 million children confirmed cases of abuse and neglect will be reported;
• 8,000 children
die of abuse or neglect;
• 7.2 million children
experience the foster care system;
• 240,000 youth
will age out of foster care with inadequate support and resources to compete in the workforce and build successful lives.

Thousands of individuals and families already support young people in foster care, now it’s your turn!

Foster youths often come into care and move homes unexpectedly with their belongings stuffed in trash bags. You can help comfort them during these times of turmoil. Just one bag filled with all the necessary items (see list below) to get through the first days of care is all is takes.

            *  A toothbrush and tootpaste

            *  A Hair Brush or Comb

            *  Deodorant and a small travel kit filled with amenities

            *  Socks and Underwear

            *  Small stuffed animal

            * A blanket

Children First For Oregon is currently holding a duffle bag drive. By donating just $35.00 you can provide a child with a bag filled with the items above. For more information on Children First For Oregon Duffle Bag Drive or to make a monetary contribution, visit them online.

To learn more about National Foster Care Month, visit www.fostercaremonth.org

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