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Gift Guide For The New Jersey Cyclist

December 13, 2016

Cycling is one of the best low impact forms of exercise you can do to stay healthy, and millions of Americans – including our own Dr. Silverman! – hit the trails, paths, and roads on their bicycles each year. But it’s not just about staying healthy; cycling can quickly become a favorite activity for one of your loved ones. So if you’ve got an active cyclist on your gift list this year, then check out our gift guide for the New Jersey cyclist.

The Cyclist’s Training Bible

If the cyclist in your life is looking to get serious about their sport, then get them a copy of The Cyclist’s Training Bible. They’ll find all the information they need to start and stick with a training program. Practical, informative, and easy to follow, this book covers just about everything they need to know.

crankbrothers Multi Tool

This little multi-tool has 17 different tools for common roadside repairs. Don’t leave the cyclist in your life with a jumbled kit of tools that may not have everything they need. Now they can be the guy with the tool for every job.

Quick Release Fender

At some point your cyclist is going to encounter some weather out there on the roads or trail. Keep them prepared by getting them one of these quick releasing fenders for their seat. The fender acts as a mudguard, keeping away all the water and mud that their tire spits up when it’s raining. They’ll thank you when they come back from a ride and their pants aren’t soaking wet.

Vulcanizing Patch Kit

A great ride can quickly go sour when they encounter a nasty pothole or some nearly invisible glass on the road. That’s why it’s so important that your cyclist has a patch kit they can rely on. Park Tool packed this kit with everything a cyclist needs to patch a tire, from big holes to small punctures. And the self-vulcanizing fluid bonds on a molecular level, meaning they’ll be getting home safe and sound.

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Getting out for a ride is a lot of fun, but you know what else is great? Cracking open a cold one afterwards. The cyclist in your life probably takes good care of their body, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to kick back every now and then. Help them out with a distinctive bike chain bottle opener that’s easy to use and hard to lose.


Cyclists go through a lot of tough conditions during the year—extreme heat and dust in the summer, rain in the spring, and the cold and snow of winter. Wouldn’t it make life easier if they didn’t have to worry about their glasses or contacts while they’re out on the trail? Better vision is a gift that keeps on giving for a cyclist year-round, no matter the weather.

So get in touch today if you’re thinking about giving the cyclist in your life the gift of clear sight this holiday season.

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