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Get LASIK Before Buying That Blu-ray or HDTV!

January 18, 2009

Two of my twitter buddies, @BSbikenj (also a biking buddy) and @cksthree, brought this information to my attention. Thanks!

It seems that there are many consumers who purchase Blu-ray players and HDTVs and are unable to perceive the added picture quality offered by the new technology.  Even the slightest deviation from perfect 20/20 vision renders the human eye unable to appreciate all those extra pixels. One blog suggests getting an eye exam and new glasses or contacts to benefit from the added resolution one is purchasing.
 Another suggests LASIK and blu-ray purchases.  

So, if you are not being wowed by that new 60 inch HDTV you just got over Christmas, maybe a LASIK screening should be on your to do list!

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