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Full Service Eye Care & LASIK: It’s About the Relationships!

February 17, 2009
OCLI is a full service eye center.  Being a full service eye care center, we are fortunate to continue to see our patients long after their LASIK surgery.  We like to build long, lasting relationships with our patients. Its not "have your LASIK and never see you again."  It is not uncommon for us to give children their first pair of glasses, than their first pair of contact lenses.  Perform LASIK on their parents, and perform cataract surgery on their grand parents.  In fact, there are many long standing patients in our practice whom I have done all 4 on:  prescribed  glasses, contacts, LASIK, and cataracts!

I recently saw Charles Sanfilippo, a long time patient for his yearly eye exam.  We could hardly believe that it was over 10 years since I preformed LASIK on him!  He was nice enough to shoot me an e-mail to me last week and allow me to share it with you:

I am a patient of Dr. Silverman and had the lasik procedure done about 10 years ago.  I wore glasses since I was 9 years old and wished for the day that I did not have to wear glasses.  When soft contact lenses came to be I wore them and then needed reading glasses a few years later.  The whole process became too cumbersome to negotiate.


I was referred to Dr. Silverman by a family member and had the lasik process done.  What a remarkable result.  I just had an eye exam this fall and both Dr. Silverman and I realized how the time flew by since the initial procedure.  


The results have been none less than perfect.  I just witnessed my 63rd birthday in January and realized that my wish was fulfilled.  Reading

glasses are still a small part of my life, but with that kind of a trade off, I say "who cares". 


Thank you Dr. Silverman!!!!!!


Charles Sanfilippo

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