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Freshen Up Your Golden Years With Eye Surgery

August 23, 2011

Surgical eye procedures that can clear up the effects of aging vision.

There are many benefits that come along with the aging process―your age gives you more real-life experience, and therefore more knowledge, you become wiser about the trials and tribulations of life, and you begin to appreciate certain little things that you may not have paid attention to when you were younger.

However, all of this knowledge and wisdom doesn’t come without a price. While our minds and insight may continue to grow stronger as we age, certain abilities and body functions tend to lose power over time. Perhaps one of the best examples of the negative effects of the aging process occurs in our eyesight.

It is no secret that, as you age, your vision tends to significantly decline―Your once perfect 20/20 vision is now blurry and faded, images and colors are no longer as clear as they used to be, and the simple task of reading the newspaper is now enough to cause your eyes to become tired and lazy.

While the best possible way to avoid these conditions is through annual vision check-ups and healthy eye care, some vision problems can stem from underlying health problems or genetic conditions.

However, the good news is, as you age, you still have plenty of opportunities to correct your vision. Here are just a few surgical eye procedures which can clear up the effects of aging vision and freshen up your golden years:

Refractive Lens Surgery

A majority of seniors over the age of 80 experience a variety of vision conditions such as cataracts, refractive errors, astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc. While most people who suffer from these vision problems utilize corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts to correct their sight, surgical procedures such as refractive lens surgery now make it possible to permanently eliminate the need for these corrective lenses.

These newly developed intraocular lenses can also correct other significant vision problems in seniors, including presbyopia. This vision problem is the reduced ability to switch focus between near and far objects―a problem that effects many people over the age of forty and seniors who suffer from cataracts. However, instead of waiting for this vision problem to progress and get worse, refractive lens surgery can be performed early on and provide significantly better vision right away.

LASIK Surgery

While LASIK eye surgery has always been a popular procedure among adults who wish to ditch their corrective lenses and have clearer vision once and for all, many seniors do not realize that LASIK is also a great way to treat aging vision problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

In fact, a new study reported in the Journal of Ophthalmology stated that the safety and efficacy of LASIK procedures in patients over 70-years-old has greatly increased in recent years, and has continually improved to the point that it has less than 1% of problems occurring from complications.

While vision problems are a naturally occurring side-effect of the aging process for many people, that doesn’t mean that they have to be a lifelong problem for seniors. There are several treatment options available to correct significant vision problems that affect people over the age of 60, such as the ones mentioned above. If you have any questions about LASIK eye surgery or refractive eye surgery for seniors, be sure to contact an experienced eye surgeon today to discuss your options.

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