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Financing Options For Your LASIK Procedure

March 16, 2011

At OCLI we want to make LASIK available to everyone who is a good candidate for the procedure. We also understand that it’s hard to free up money in the current economy and while it may seem advantageous to opt for an ophthalmologist who offers the procedure for a bargain that is not always in your best interest. It is often not advantageous when it comes to the experience of the eye surgeon and the quality of the procedure. Remember experience is always more valuable than getting a bargain when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery.

The cost of LASIK Eye Surgery can be daunting for patients who do not have the spare cash required. It is the main reason why patients who wish to have LASIK Eye Surgery opt out in the end. They cannot find the funds for the cost of Laser Eye Surgery. Though what those patients do not know is that there are financing options available that are there to help those who cannot make full payment for their surgery at one time.

Financing allows you to break down the total cost of your surgery into easily manageable monthly payments that will fit within your budget.  This can be a huge bonus in making LASIK more affordable.

The best financing option that we employ here at OCLI is Care Credit. Care Credit is a company that offers credit to those who cannot afford to pay for their procedure in full. Care Credit offers different options for paying back the cost of your laser eye surgery. These include short term interest free option for up to 18 months and a long term low interest option. Care Credit will have a credit package that will be perfectly suited to your budget.

During the month of March, we will be supporting The Valerie Fund, an organization that provides support for the comprehensive health care of children with cancer and blood disorders. Simply donate $50.00 to The Valerie Fund by clicking here and we’ll match it and you’ll receive $500 off a bi-lateral LASIK procedure which is a great way of helping you to fund your LASIK Eye Surgery for this month only. Not only will you be gaining a savings you will also be making a difference in a sick child’s life.

To consider how you will fund you laser eye surgery and to find how much it will cost you specifically to have your eyes corrected then do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our ophthalmologists to see how we can improve your vision.

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