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Feast Your Eyes On This: The Best Eye-Themed Books for All Ages

February 6, 2018

At OCLI, we’re pretty obsessed with anything related to eyes or vision. Even when it comes to books, we’re suckers for a title that so much as references eyes or vision. (It’s even occurred to us to feature eye- or vision-themed books in our patient waiting room!) We haven’t yet gone that far, but we share with you some of our personal favorites for your enjoyment and consideration!

Feast Your Eyes

With over one-hundred high-quality photographs celebrating the beauty of food, this book is truly a feast for the eyes! Visually savor the rich, ruby red of a ripe, heirloom tomato, rejoice in the juicy palette of sliced citrus fruit, marvel over the verdant depth of a bouquet of leafy greens, drool over the rich, creamy darkness of a chocolate-frosted cupcake, and look at food with a whole new appreciation for its edible artistry.    

Magic Eye Beyond 3-D: Improve Your Vision

First introduced to the world in the 90’s and met with such obsessive acclaim that the Magic Eye books spent a combined 73 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, this most recent volume is an oldie but a goodie. While this book is touted to improve eye strain, it also offers intriguing exercises for experientially recognizing vision as an active perceptual process that “sculpts” the very images we perceive through ocular, psychological, neuro-cognitive, and aesthetic channels. In short, Magic Eye presents playful opportunities to learn to deliberately shift perspective in order to better appreciate that what we see depends on how we look.

The Eye Book

Though this is one of Dr. Seuss’ lesser known works, it’s not one to be missed! Suitable for children as young as three but delightful reading for all ages, The Eye Book introduces the reader to the wide world of wonderful “seens:” a girl, a horse, the sun, the moon, an old tin can, and much, much more. Written in the charming, rhyming rhythmicity that is part and parcel of All Things Seuss, (“My eyes see. His eyes see. I see him. And he sees me.”), this is a book that might very well be seen as an unconscious ode to seeing the world and its endless surprises and possibilities through the ever-interested eyes of a child.   

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Written in an ultra-engaging popular-science style and reviewed to staggering critical acclaim, Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, or how we make snap judgments in a blink of the eye that are often more inexplicably and eerily accurate than what can be generated through complex analysis alone. Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell explores in accessible, highly entertaining ways how intuition functions in terms of multi-modal information processing, how it can be cultivated to serve us in powerful ways, and how it can be “hijacked” or outright corrupted through unconscious bias (as is seen in racial stereotypes, for example).

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