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Eyecare for Your Valentine

February 13, 2018

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you don’t have much time left to think of something truly worthy of the object of your affection. Maybe you’re trying to dream up something that’s an especially thoughtful gesture of how much you care? Maybe even something that would make a significant difference in your honey’s quality of life?

We all want the best for the people we love, and if the one you love sees the world with less than crystal clarity, LASIK vision correction – the gift of clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses – is a gift that will keep on giving long after the candlelight dinners are eaten and romantically boxed chocolates relished. 

While it’s wonderful to give traditional gifts, whether that’s a luxe handbag or the latest piece of technology or something extravagant like a brand new car or extended trip to Europe, these gifts generally make very little difference in a person’s quality of life.

On the other hand, imagine the difference in your loved one’s quality of life (or even your own) that it would make to wake up everyday to naturally clear vision.

Imagine what it would be like to receive precise, individual vision correction, technologically tailored to address and resolve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, as well as the tiny distortions inherent to your loved one’s unique eyes.

Imagine what it would be like for the person you love to experience greater contrast sensitivity and perception of fine detail, allowing them to better appreciate and enjoy the visual gradations, distinctions, and intricate contours that give the world its richness and make it easier to perform everyday tasks.

Imagine what it would be like for the person you love to swim, jog, play contact sports, roll around with the kids, and watch TV without having to bother with, worry about, or switch back and forth between glasses or contact lenses. (And on a selfish note, imagine what it would be like to never again go in for a kiss only to find your beloved’s eyeglasses between you?)

Imagine what it would be like for the person you love to be able to completely forget about their glasses or contact lenses. No more having to keep track of their glasses, no more having to clean and store their contact lenses, no more having to hassle with absolutely anything to see absolutely clearly.

With one of the lowest rates of risk and highest rates of satisfaction, the LASIK procedure is performed using a computer-guided laser to reshape the cornea, allowing light to focus more precisely on the retina, resulting in improved vision. At OCLI, we use the state-of-the art ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser technology to customizes the LASIK procedure to each individual eye and give our patients the highest improvement possible. The surgery is painless, is done on an outpatient basis, and takes less than thirty minutes to perform.  And with OCLI’s accessible financing options, we make LASIK an affordable gift within the reach of almost everyone.

There are so many reasons why LASIK makes a truly worthy gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Reach out to us today and together we’ll take the steps to help your loved one receive the gift of clear vision and a better quality of life.

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