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Eye Surgery Recovery: What to Expect

February 1, 2018

LASIK vision correction surgery and cataract surgery are among the most common eye procedures with the highest rates of success and patient satisfaction. Whether you’re having cataract surgery, LASIK vision correction, or some other surgical eye procedure, aftercare is an important part of recovery.

The basics of recovery for both LASIK and cataract surgery are remarkably similar and evidence considerable overlap.

After  LASIK Dr. Silverman will put on a pair of protective clear goggles for you to wear until the next morning.  The goggles are than required at bedtime for the next 4 nights.  After cataract surgery,  Dr Silverman’s patients do not even wear an eye patch!  You will be required to wear a plastic shield at bedtime for 1 week though.

With both LASIK and cataract surgery, you’ll be able to resume almost all of your normal daily activities within twenty-four hours, though you should wait a week or so to resume strenuous activity.

It’s perfectly normal for your vision to be a bit distorted, cloudy, or blurry for the first several hours or so after you first remove the eye shield. With cataract surgery, because the vision system as a whole takes a bit of time to adapt to your new artificial lens, you shouldn’t be concerned if you don’t immediately experience sharp focus.

Because different people exhibit different rates of adjustment and healing, some patients may experience clear vision almost immediately, while others will not. It is not uncommon in cataract surgery that vision will continue to improve over a period of one month, so a little patience can go a long way. 

It’s also not at all uncommon after cataract surgery for your eyes to feel slightly itchy or to be a little bloodshot. These symptoms are nothing to worry about and will subside within a matter of days. 

The visua recovery period for LASIK is faster than that of cataract .  Most of our patients see well enough to drive the next day!

With both cataract and LASIK surgery antibiotic and steroid drops are prescribed.  To save costs, most of our patients now use specially formulated drops available at our office (“less drop surgery”)  With cataract surgery only, no-steroidal drops ar prescribed as well.  Some of our patients who are cantidates for “no-drop cataract surgery” are only prescribed non-steroidal eye drops.

With both LASIK surgery and cataract surgery, following some fairly common sense guidelines will ensure you have a successful recovery:

  • Wear your eyeshield for 1 week after cataract surgery and 4 days after LASIK
  • Protect your eyes from bright light immediately following your procedure
  • Refrain from rubbing, scratching, or otherwise disturbing your eyes for the first few weeks following cataract surgery and for 4 months following LASIK
  • Use all eye drops exactly as prescribed

Be patient – improvements most often occur gradually

At OCLI, we can help you with any and all of your eye care needs, including LASIK vision correction, cataract surgery, dry eye treatment, eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions, or anything else you might be interested in! Reach out to us today for the friendliest and most technologically advanced care in town!

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