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Don’t Let Your Poor Vision Ruin Your Valentine’s Day Date!

February 12, 2016

You look good, you smell good, and you are ready for the most important dating day of the year! We all know what that day is, because it’s just around the corner: Valentine’s Day, of course!

And while you’ve been busy keeping your beloved in mind for this romantic occasion: planning the perfect day and the perfect gift, you’ve decided to hold off on your own needs. Still, before you set your glasses aside and muddle your way through what was meant to be a special evening, consider this: there’s no better time to schedule that LASIK appointment you keep putting off.

Good eyesight is just as important on your Valentine’s Day date, arguably even more. What could go wrong? Plenty! Don’t let your poor vision ruin what should otherwise be a stress-free and memorable evening.

Bad Vision, Bad Date?

You may not be aware of all the ways that dubious vision can take you from a dashing and confident James Bond to a fumbling and stumbling Charlie Chaplin on your date night. Here’s a little fast forward to an otherwise smooth Valentine’s evening foiled by a blurry world view…so to speak.

The Pick-Up

You need to get from your house to her house. You can see well enough to drive, at least, but reading those tiny little house numbers…well, that’s another story altogether. Nothing will be more embarrassing than ringing the doorbell and presenting a complete stranger with a big bouquet! Don’t let it happen to you.

The Meal

The stage is set for love. You are taking your sweetie to a fantastic New Jersey restaurant for Valentine’s Day. The lights are dimmed, the music is low, and the atmosphere is all about Valentine’s Day. But you don’t wear contacts and you have ditched your glasses because you don’t like the way they look. How will you ever read the fine print on the menu? Asking your date to read the thing for you is less than romantic. Your date is looking for a partner, not someone to babysit.

The Gift

You picked out a sappy and sentimental card. Well, maybe. You couldn’t see it well enough but it seemed like it would be one for the record books! It was: you managed to grab a card from the sympathy section! To top it all off, your poor vision has given you a pounding headache. Ending the night early wasn’t exactly what you had in mind.

Trying to still find that perfect present for your Valentine? Consider the gift of sight. It’s still not too late to contact our office to get a LASIK Gift Certificate for your loved one!

The Best Eye Care Decision

Where did you go wrong? You should have called the vision professionals at OCLI to find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK! We have the high tech equipment, and the experience, to improve your vision. It’s faster than you think.

Don’t let your bad eyesight ruin your shot at love. Contact the vision professionals at OCLI today.

Whether you are interested in LASIK or just need to visit our new Dry Eye Care Center, you’ve got options when it comes to caring for your eyes. Fortunately, there’s still time to do something about your poor eyesight before you make any of the mistakes above!

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