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Corn Huskers, Bobsledding, and LASIK

March 1, 2013

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Andrew Hain came into the office a few weeks ago for a LASIK evaluation.  He was getting tired of his contacts and jealous of his wife’s LASIK vision.  After determining he was a good candidate, Andrew asked me if I did LASIK on any famous athletes.  When I listed some of many athletes if have treated with LASIK including one of the Olympic Gold Medal Bobsledders he asked, “Curt Tomasevicz?”  I was a little surprised that he knew Curt’s name, and said,  “yes.”


It turns out Andrew is Nebraska transplant, now living in New Jersey.  He is a big Corn Husker Football fan, as well as a Curt Tomasevicz fan.  I reached out to Curt and told him the story.  He was kind enough to send me a personalized autographed photo for Andrew.  After Andrew’s LASIK yesterday, I sat him up and asked him if he could read the clock on the wall.  He could.  I then asked him how his close vision was and asked him to read the autographed photo.  It took him a second to register the surprise!  The only thing better was his 20/20 vision today…


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