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Best Photography Classes and Workshops in NJ

May 31, 2016

As a burgeoning photographer, you quickly learn that the most important tool in photography isn’t the camera, but your vision. Fellow New Jerseyan and photographer Dorothea Lange became world-famous for putting faces to the struggle of the Great Depression. Capturing her vision of this tumultuous era would have been hopeless if she didn’t have the eyesight to help her point her camera to begin with.

Of course, Ms. Lange wasn’t just born with a stellar eye. She was educated by top instructors and photographers to help hone her craft. Here is my recommended list of classes and workshops right here in the neighborhood to advance your own photography skills.

Montclair Art Museum

Voted #1 for the 2016 Discover Jersey Arts People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Adult Art Class, Montclair Art Museum’s Yard School of Art features a variety of incredible art workshops, including digital photography techniques.

This 8-week long course meets once a week, but the takeaway is substantial. Not only will you get to learn the workings of your digital camera and the compositions of shots, but you will also learn how to print your photographs, digitally project your images, and publish your photographs online.

This workshop is offered in the spring and summer. Since those seasons are particularly ideal for outdoor photography, our Lasek and Epi-Lasek services can help you achieve perfect vision for your stunning outdoor snapshots.

Unique University

The range of classes and workshops provided at Unique Photo’s University live up to the company name. Fancy a class on photographing butterflies? How about a 7-day excursion to capture the northern lights in Norway? Too expensive? Not an issue. Join their $20 monthly meet ups to network over pizza, and listen to special guest speakers.

There are many options to choose from, and the prices aren’t too bad either! Groupon has a discount class package available that is highly rated by almost 600 people. No matter which adventure you choose to embark on, make sure your eyes are ready to take the trip with you. Visit us for an eye exam so that you can be at your best to capture all that nature has to offer.

The Photo Center

This beginner friendly photography center emphasizes the basics, ranging from 30-minute, 60-minute, to 2-day workshops, for all ranges of preferred commitment. One recent 2-day workshop was held on the gorgeous property of Longwood Gardens, and the package price included breakfast and lunch! You’ll be getting the best bang for your buck in these one-on-one sessions. Their customer service and infinite knowledge are what keep the customers raving. Here at OCLI, we also like to give everything we do our personal touch and keep you informed about the best ways to keep your eyes in shape.

Let us help you get the best set of eyes in the photography field. Not sure which treatment to go for? Visit our FAQ page, or visit our office in person to find out what’s best for you and your bright future in photography.

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