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Aftercare Advice Following Your LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

March 2, 2011

If you have been considering the use of laser eye surgery then it’s more than likely you have already done a considerable amount of research. Hopefully you have managed to find some advice on finding a great ophthalmologist, what makes you a suitable patient for LASIK eye surgery along with why it is better than traditional eyewear. However have you looked into how the days following your laser eye surgery will need to be addressed, what aftercare you will need to follow and so on? If you have, top brownie points on your research there, however if you haven’t then read on as we have put together a blog post on what aftercare will need to be observed following your LASIK laser eye surgery.

Antibiotic Drops – Antibiotic drops are used following your LASIK surgery to prevent the risk of infection.

Steroid Drops- These drops are used to reduce inflammation following LASIK.

Artificial Tears- These Drops are used to keep your eyes lubricated following LASIK.

Hat & Shades – Your eyes may be  sensitive to light after surgery.  If they are,  wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes immediately after your surgery will help.

Protective Glasses – Protective glasses are worn for a period of time after surgery, while sleeping.  This is to protect your eyes from  unwanted contact such as rubbing your eyes in your sleep.

Driving – You will not be able to drive following your surgery and as such you will need to have someone drive you home after your surgery. Most of our patients are able to drive the day after LASIK surgery!

Eye Makeup – Eye makeup should be avoided at all costs following your surgery for the first week or so, however it is recommended you refrain from their use for at least two weeks.

Hair – If you have long hair you should tie it back to avoid it coming into contact with your eyes following your procedure.

Touching your eyes – If your eyes are irritating you, you should refrain from touching them at all. Even if you are feeling mild pain it is important to strictly refrain from touching them, if you do so it could cause further complications.

Sports – Contact sports and swimming are to be avoided for a month after your laser eye surgery. If you are keen to return to sport then make sure to consult with your eye surgeon to see when it is appropriate that you do so.

Environment – Stay clear of smoky rooms or environments that are dusty or contain chemical vapors.

If you are seeking anymore advice on what aftercare techniques you will need to follow, the cost of LASIK eye surgery or LASIK Patient testimonials be sure to check out the rest of our blog where you can find great advice. If you can’t find the information you are looking for or would like to reassure yourself about the procedures then feel free to contact our LASIK team for more information.

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