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6 Ways You Can Protect Your Eyes This Summer

July 11, 2017

Summer is a memorable time of the year. The kids are off school and you get to take extra time off work for vacations or family get-togethers. However, for many people summer also brings with it a long battle with dry, itchy eyes.

Dry eyes occur when your eyes don’t produce enough lubricating tears. During the summer, indoor air conditioning, allergens, wind, and sun exposure can all cause dry eyes.

If you regularly suffer from dry eyes then this article was written with you in mind! Here are six ways you can prevent dry eyes this summer:

  • Limit your time spent outdoors: To avoid further irritating your eyes, dry to stay indoors between 10:00-2:00, when   the sun’s rays are the strongest. Try to wake up earlier and spend time outside earlier in the day.
  • Switch to contacts that offer UV protection: If you wear contacts, then you have the option to switch to lenses that offer UV protection. Contacts often contribute to dry eyes so it won’t fix the problem completely but it will protect your eyes from further sun damage.
  • Always wear goggles in the pool: The chlorine in your neighborhood pool is incredibly irritating to your eyes and will likely increase your symptoms of dry eyes. Make sure you always put on goggles before you take that evening swim.
  • Always wash your hands: As soon as you come home from doing anything be sure to wash your hands right away. You should also avoid touching your eyes throughout the day. This will help you avoid spreading germs to your eyes and causing an infection.
  • Cover up:Wearing sunglasses and a hat that offer UV protection are a must during the summer months. Don’t leave home without both!
  • Always use eye drops: Unfortunately, even if you do all these things dry eyes can still occur. Regularly using eye drops will help lubricate your eyes and prevent further irritation. And if your symptoms persist or get worse you should schedule a visit with your ophthalmologist so they can evaluate you.

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