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6 Ways Diabetic Patients Can Improve Their Eye Health

February 20, 2018

If you are living with diabetes then you know there are many risks that come along with it. Diabetes can lead to nerve and kidney damage and it can also seriously compromise the health of your eyes.

Fortunately, there are ways you can proactively take control of your health and reduce your risk for diabetic eye diseases. Let’s look at six ways diabetic patients can improve their eye health:

  •  Keep your blood sugar under control

 Diabetic patients need to keep close tabs on their blood sugar and make sure it doesn’t get too high. Elevated blood sugar can change the shapes of your lens, which causes blurry vision. It can also damage the blood vessels in your eyes.

  •  Maintain healthy cholesterol levels

 If you have high cholesterol, you are at a higher risk for developing eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. By maintaining a healthy cholesterol level you lower your likelihood of developing either.

  •  Don’t smoke cigarettes

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes are terrible for your lungs. But did you know that they’re also bad for your eyes? Smokers are at a higher risk for developing diseases like diabetic retinopathy.

  •  Get plenty of exercise

 On the other hand, exercise is a great way to stay healthy and manage your diabetes. Diabetic patients who exercise regularly do a better job controlling their blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  •  Eat a healthy diet

 Did your mother ever tell you to eat your carrots because they’ll help your eyesight? Certain foods have been shown to promote healthy vision. Try to eat a diet rich in dark, leafy vegetables and Omega 3’s.

  •  Get a yearly comprehensive eye exam

 Of course, one of the best things you can do for your vision is to get your yearly comprehensive eye exam. Many common eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma have no symptoms in the earliest stages. During your yearly eye exam, your doctor can dilate your eyes and look at your optic nerve for signs of damage.

If you are overdue for your yearly eye exams or are looking for more tips on managing your eye health, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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