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5 Things LASIK Surgeons Wish Everyone Knew

July 27, 2017

Have you noticed that the general public can sometimes hold strange or misleading ideas about subjects on which they aren’t well versed? Information travels quickly these days, and a chain email or malicious website can spread to thousands or even millions of people. This is a problem for many experts and professionals who just want to get the real facts out about their profession.

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about LASIK, but how much of it was from a LASIK surgeon and not your buddy Greg? Here are five things that LASIK surgeons wish everyone knew about LASIK eye surgery.


There are certainly people out there who will tell you that LASIK isn’t safe. Entire websites have been dedicated to this myth. But the facts have been in for a while now. The FDA has approved LASIK and considered it safe since 1996. The risk of complications from LASIK is miniscule, and remember, complications are easily taken care of with a follow up visit to your eye surgeon.

You Can Move Your Eyes While It’s Happening

This LASIK myth sort of sounds right when you first hear it. “Of course you would need to keep your eyes still during the procedure, there’s a laser in your eye, right?” While your eyes will be held open during the procedure, moving them will not cause any problems. And if you’re still tense about the procedure, you may be prescribed some anxiety medication to ensure everything goes smoothly.

It’s Incredibly Effective

Different studies have shown that 95-96% of LASIK recipients achieve 20/20 vision or better. That’s an astounding success rate by any measure. Patients who have had sub-par vision since childhood are seeing perfectly within days of a visit to their LASIK surgeon.

Paying For It Is Easier Than You Think

LASIK isn’t as cheap as a pair of glasses, but think of it as an investment in your vision. The price tag sometimes scares potential patients away before they begin to do real research on the procedure. The fact is, most LASIK surgeons offer financing plans to make LASIK more affordable and attainable for the average person. Ask your LASIK provider about options for financing LASIK, and you might be surprised at how reasonable the price tag becomes.

It Will Change Your Life

To some people, LASIK is an extravagance that they feel they can live without. They’ve been wearing glasses or contacts for years, so they don’t see why they should change. It’s understandable, but it ignores the truly life-changing nature of having perfectly clear vision. LASIK surgeons hear from their former patients all the time about what a drastic change it is to finally forget about their glasses or contacts. Everything from driving to swimming becomes easier, and it simplifies their lives.

Now that you know some of the facts behind LASIK, does it sound like it might be right for you? If so, then call us today at OCLI, and let’s get you started on the path to great eyesight.

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