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4 Things NOT To Do Before Your LASIK Surgery

December 14, 2016

LASIK surgery is a famously easy and quick way to fix refractive errors permanently. If you are seeking LASIK surgery, you’re probably wondering what you should be doing to prepare yourself. Here, we will discuss a few things you should NOT do while preparing for your LASIK surgery.

Wear Makeup

Wearing makeup during LASIK surgery increases your risk of infection and slows up the healing process. It is important to come to your appointment with clean eyes, wearing no makeup. You will also be asked to refrain from wearing makeup for a certain period of time following LASIK surgery.

Wear Contacts

You will be instructed to take your contact lenses out a few weeks before your LASIK surgery. The reasoning behind this is that your cornea takes on the shape of your contact lenses over time. Before LASIK surgery, it is important for your corneas to go back to their original state. This improves accuracy of correction and better surgical outcomes.

Create Unrealistic Expectations

It is easy to read all of this stuff about LASIK surgery and develop an unrealistic idea of what your vision will be like following surgery. LASIK surgery outcomes are different for everyone. Most patients are able to see without any help from contact lenses or glasses. Some patients may still need glasses for certain distances. This all depends on the severity and nature of your refractive error.

Settle for a LASIK Surgeon

When it comes to your vision, you should look for the best surgeon possible. Settling on a LASIK surgeon for reasons such as location and price can lead to issues down the road. Be sure to do your research and ask you potential LASIK surgeons plenty of questions before scheduling your LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery is an amazing procedure, helping millions of people to improve their sight and lower their dependency on visual aids. If you are interested in LASIK surgery, be sure to do your research! Contact OCLI for your LASIK consultation today!

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