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4 Reasons Most People Ditch Their Yearly Eye Exams

September 14, 2017

Are you overdue for your yearly eye exam? Yearly eye exams are important for people of all ages. At your yearly eye exam, your doctor will check the overall health of your eyes. They will also check for common eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts and measure how well your eyes are working together.

Yes, yearly eye exams are about much more than writing prescriptions. But sadly, many people skip them for one reason or another. So we decided to try to figure out why. Here are the top four reasons why most people ditch their yearly eye exams:

1. They simply forget

For many people, scheduling their yearly eye exam is on their to-do list…along with about 50 other items. It isn’t urgent so it’s easy to push it off to the back burner, assuming you’ll do it later. Then suddenly, you realize it’s been four years and you still never got around to scheduling that appointment.

We know that you’re busy but you can’t afford to put off taking care of your health. Appointments take minimal time and preventative care saves you time down the road.

2. Fear

Sometimes people have suspicions that there is something wrong with their eyes. Yet they avoid going out of fear because sometimes it’s just easier to avoid problems and hope they go away.

Please don’t make this mistake. Most common eye diseases are 100 percent treatable if caught early enough. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to live your life with permanent vision damage.

3. Financial stress

Some people avoid going to the yearly eye exam due to financial hardship. Many insurance plans don’t cover vision insurance and they don’t think they can afford it.

This is completely understandable but please understand, yearly appointments are pretty affordable. And they are much cheaper than paying for treatments down the road due to an undiagnosed problem.

4. Lack of concern

Many people simply aren’t worried about developing vision problems. They believe that if there was a problem they would realize it before anything serious happened. Other people think that since they don’t wear glasses or contacts they don’t need to go to the eye doctor.

As we already pointed out, eye exams are about more than just writing prescriptions. And many common eye diseases can develop painlessly and show no symptoms until it’s too late.

Don’t let another year pass by without having your annual eye exam. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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