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10 Jobs That LASIK Would Benefit

September 19, 2016

Nearly any job you can think of requires you to use your eyes, but there are some jobs where you simply can’t do without great eyesight. So forget bringing your glasses to work every day—think about LASIK instead. Here are just a few of the careers where job performance could be improved with LASIK.

1. Police Officers

Police officers run into some of the most demanding physical situations, and when lives are on the line it’s best if they don’t have to worry about their glasses or a contact falling out.

2. Firefighters

The same goes for firefighters and first responders that have to enter burning buildings or any other dangerous situation. Being exposed to smoke, water, heat, and dark environments means that firefighter need to have great vision.

3. Military

Glasses and contacts also aren’t very functional when it comes to combat situations, and the U.S. Military allows members to have had LASIK surgery as long as their vision has stabilized. Even the most durable glasses can break or be lost in the heat of combat, so correcting vision with LASIK makes sense for soldiers.

4. Pilots

Navy pilots can now undergo LASIK, and civilian pilots can also receive LASIK, as long as their vision has stabilized. It makes sense that pilots would want the best vision possible, and most of us would rest easy knowing our pilots have perfect vision.

5. Air Traffic Controller

And it isn’t just the people in the cockpit who need to have good vision. There are also vision guidelines for air traffic controllers, as one mistake could have catastrophic consequences.

6. Athlete

There’s a reason you don’t see many professional athletes running around in Rec Specs. Most athletes don’t want anything interfering with their line of sight, so glasses are almost always a no-go. Contacts can be equally troublesome on the field, so getting LASIK in order to advance a career makes a lot of sense.

7. Designers

Whether they’re designing the fall catalogue or picking out the perfect interior for your sunroom, anyone who works in the design field relies heavily on their eyes to make a living.

8. Jeweler

Have you ever seen a jeweler or watchmaker using those ultra-fine magnifying glasses to check out their merchandise? Is there really any need to add another layer of complexity to that with glasses or contacts?

9. Truck Drivers

Anyone who drives for a living has to pass an eye test, but no one likes wearing their glasses or contacts all day when they’re on the road. LASIK can deliver clear vision that keeps drivers comfortable and safe all day and night while they drive.

10. Photographers

As well as needing good eyesight to clearly see the shot they’re going to take, photographers also don’t want to have anything between their eye and the camera. That means glasses may be difficult to work with. Many photographers who work outdoors would also find LASIK to be a better option than easily lost or irritating contacts.

If you’re thinking about getting LASIK to help out your career, then contact OCLI and schedule a consultation today.



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